It's GeeRrr FoevaEast aka Big DRIPPP.  I was born and raised in Denver, COLORADO. In the city of East Denver, THE EAST SIDE is a city recognized for its high crime, high violence and gang activity.   At an early age I was introduced to lifestyle of struggle and survival and ended up joining the gang "Crips".   
When I yell out 30s it's homage for where I started.  


 I always had a passion and an ear for rap music, I EXPERIMENTED with rap at a young age, but I never actually thought of myself behind the mic for the world to see. I first stepped on the Denver rap music scene in 2013.  
That's when I started to tap in to my own rap skills and my vision for the Interstate Money Gang record label.   
I got to work developing a blueprint for my vision. Not too long after that, my dream of I.$.G was put on hold due to a 6 year drug conviction.  But that basically forced me to sit down and focus on the business aspect and really work on my craft and how I wanted to introduce myself and I.$.G to the world. While I was incarcerated I started to write and develop myself as an artist. In 2019 my wife and I, Interstate Bella, started to really put the plan to work building the I.$.G artist roster and making Interstate Money Gang a registered corporation.  We began creating a specific line up of diverse Hip Hop artists that have a certain  drive and passion for music and their future.  My goal is to conquer the Hip Hop industry from not only the music side but a promotional side too and expose the world to the undeniable talent of Inter$tate Money GanG.   

My freshman album, Dope Boi Summers, will be dropping summer 2021.
The album will include big name features and producers so stay tuned............ 






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Hit single from geerrr foevaeast feat payroll giovanni. Download dope boi summers vol 1 on aug 30th!

Geerrr foeva east, interstate money gang